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Shingle Roofing Installation & Repair

As one of the top Winston Salem Roofers, we know that of all the roofing options available for your home, asphalt is by far the most popular. An estimated 80% of all American houses are built with asphalt roof shingles because of their performance, as well as their price. But too many homeowners don't realize that not all asphalt shingles are created equal. Indeed, there are a handful of variations that will affect both the cost and the quality of your asphalt roofing.

Winston Salem Roofers - Shingle Materials
Isn't asphalt the type of roofing material? Yes, but the core of your asphalt shingles can be made from two different types of material. Tricky, huh? Here's what you need to know:

Winston Salem Roofers - Composition Shingles:
This is essentially just another catch-all phrase for asphalt roofing. Asphalt roofing uses asphalt and organic or fiberglass cores to create a "composite" shingle.

Winston Salem Roofers - Organic Shingles:
This type of shingle uses an organic core usually made from some mixture of wood and paper fibers that result in a felt-like material. This core used to be the standard, but it's rarely used anymore due to lower life expectancies, although they can still be effective in colder, dryer climates.

Winston Salem Roofers - Fiberglass Shingles:
Fiberglass shingles use a fiberglass base that creates greater resistance to moisture, fire, and its lighter weight makes it easier to work with and install.

Winston Salem Roofers - Shingle Styles:
Strip Shingles: The traditional asphalt strip shingle, commonly called "three-tab," allows for a wide variety of patterns and light-and-shadow options. Each strip shingle is divided into three tabs to approximate the style of individual shingles with the easy installation of strips.

Winston Salem Roofers - Laminated Shingles:
Laminated shingles are also known as architectural shingles or three-dimensional shingles. These shingles use varying thickness, spacing, and number to create dynamic, three-dimensional looks that are generally preferred by both architects and homeowners alike.

Winston Salem Roofers - Interlocking Shingles:
Interlocking shingles are, well, shingles that interlock. Less popular than strip and laminated shingles, they are, nevertheless, a good option if you live in a particularly windy climate.

Winston Salem Roofers - Individual Shingles: And you thought interlocking shingles were aptly named. The main advantage of individual shingles is the flexibility. You can find these shingles in hexagonal patterns or rectangular configurations that allow for unique applications and style. The main disadvantage is the added cost of painstaking installation.

Gutter Replacement & Protection

Most Winston Salem roofers agree that attacking clogged gutters is a messy job, but absolutely necessary. However, self-cleaning your gutters is a time consuming, dangerous task. If you choose not to go through this experience, you will end up paying a fortune to someone else to do it for you. Either way, cleaning out your gutters is not enjoyable. As professional roofers in Winston Salem, we've found that one way to eliminate this experience is to install a gutter protection system, such as a gutter guard (or leaf guard).

A gutter guard is simply a small screen or miniature roofing system installed above your gutter to keep debris from falling in and clogging drains or diverting water. There are many variations used for a home's various roof pitches, roofing materials, or home designs, but the purpose is always the same: allow water in and keep leaves out.

When your gutters are not protected, they can become clogged from debris such as pine needles, tree branches, dirt and other obstructions, causing the water to back up onto your roof, which may cause permanent water damage to your home. This is especially prevalent during the winter season, when there is heavy rain and snow fall, which affects the drain, as well as the gutter structure. When gutters are clogged and the water has no way to drain, the weight can strain the structure and will cause it to tear away from the house. The excess water can also cause wood to rot, interior home damage, and foundation problems.

Professional installation of gutter guards by Winston Salem roofers will help eliminate the problems associated with trying to clean your gutters by yourself, as manual cleaning is not very effective, as it’s a temporary fix. Many people have become seriously injured while trying to accomplish this task. Yet they have to repeat the process year after year, because without a gutter guard, the gutters will continue to clog.

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