7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roof Installation Company

When it comes time to repair or replace the roof on your home, you need to find the best roofing contractors for the job. The roof is one of the most important components of your house. It’s what keeps you and your family protected from the elements.

Even small issues with your roof can result in expensive damages. For example, a small leak can lead to water damage, wood rot, mold, pests, and more. A good roof installation company will repair or replace your roof to perfection.

The question is, how do you find the best company for the job?

Ultimately it comes down to asking the right questions. Keep reading for the top seven questions you should ask to find the best roofing contractors.

  1. How Does Their Pricing Compare to Others?

As always, one of your top priorities as a consumer is finding a fair price. It can be difficult to know what’s fair and what isn’t without comparing and contrasting costs. However, it’s about more than just the cost of installation, you also need to know what you’re getting for the price you are quoted.

For example, a more expensive contractor may use higher quality materials and their work may come with a warranty. Alternatively, a cheaper contractor may be working by himself and take several weeks, if not longer, to complete the job.

You also need to consider how the roof installation company handles payments. If the work isn’t covered by your insurance, can you set up a payment plan or do you need to pay upfront?

  1. How Much Will Your Insurance Cover?

Speaking of insurance, when installing new roofs, you need to know what’s covered in your policy. While you should never neglect the health and structural integrity of your roof, you shouldn’t sign a contract without first understanding what you’re personally liable for.

Homeowner’s insurance typically covers repairs and replacements if they are damaged by external forces outside of regular wear and tear. For example, damage caused by a nasty storm would likely be covered, while a 20-year old roof replacement wouldn’t. Ultimately, it comes down to your individual circumstances and your insurance policy.

That’s why it’s vital to stay on top of roof maintenance and get regular inspections. It can save you a lot of money in the long run.

  1. What Experience Do They Have?

You should also ask a roof installation company about their experience. How long have they been in the industry? How many years of combined experience do the owners have?

While years-in-service isn’t always an indicator of competency, it’s important to know the roofing company you hire knows what they’re doing. For example, an inexperienced roofer may attempt to layer more shingles over your old ones for a quick fix. Unfortunately, this will cause you, the homeowner, more problems down the road.

Experienced roofers will also know which materials are the best for your roof and how to install them for the most longevity.

  1. Are They Licensed and Insured?

When talking to roofers, it’s important to find out if they have a roofing license and insurance. Each state has it’s own roofing contractor requirements in terms of licensing.

You need to make sure the roofing installation company you hire is up to date with their local license. This will give you peace of mind that they are fixing your roof within the confines of local coding laws.

However, they also need to be insured to protect you and your property. Liability insurance will cover the costs of any damages they may inadvertently cause to your home.

Workman’s comp insurance will cover the costs of any roofers injured while working on your property. If they don’t have insurance, the injured worker may try to hold you liable for his/her medical expenses.

  1. Do They Have References and Reviews?

Most business owners know the importance of credibility, as nearly 88% of consumers research products and services online before buying. One of the best ways to build credibility among potential clients is by posting reviews and testimonials from previous customers.

As a consumer, you want to know that the company you’re investing money in (and in this case, trusting with your home) is trustworthy. Looking at their customer reviews is one of the best ways to get an accurate depiction of their quality of work, customer service, and business ethics.

Typically, you can find reviews on the roofing installation company’s website. If not, check their social media pages. If that doesn’t work, do a Google search with the company name and “reviews.”

  1. Do They Offer Free Estimates?

Another factor you need to consider is whether or not the roofing company is willing to earn your business. For example, are they willing to give you a free quote or estimate? If not, it could be because they know their prices are too high to be competitive in the market.

Roofing contractors who are willing to come out and perform a free inspection to give you an accurate estimate are the ones who respect your time and your money.

  1. Does Their Work Come With Any Warranties?

Finally, ask the roofing installment company what warranties or guarantees are provided with their work. Obviously, they won’t be able to guarantee a roof that’s subjected to severe conditions, such as high winds, hail, falling objects like branches, etc. However, they should at least stand by their workmanship and the materials they use.

Most roofing materials come with a manufacturers warranty on their own, but the roofing company should also guarantee their work. Typically, these warranties are for 20 to 25 years, barring external forces as mentioned previously.

Do You Need a Roof Installation Company?

If your roof needs repaired or replaced, you need to act sooner rather than later. The longer your roof is allowed to exist in disrepair, the more damage it can be causing to your home. If you’ve just experience harsh weather or haven’t had your roof inspected for a while, now is the time!

Contact us today for a no-risk free estimate. We’ll come by and tell you everything you need to know.